Monday, October 7, 2013

The Loved Ones (2009)

Director - Sean Byrne
Writers - Sean Byrne
Production Company - Screen Australia, Omnilab Media, Ambience Entertainment
Fun Fact - This movie was shot in 27 days.

Our movie opens with an accidental car crash by the resident school bad boy Brent.  Let's just say Brent and his dad have a run "in" with an already mangled pedestrian.  What does this have to do with the story, you'll see.

Fast forward to the not so distant future and we meet Brent again after a day in high school.  Situated by his locker chatting it up with his buddy Jaime (who I LOVED in this movie, he's hilarious).  Jaime is on the prowl for a date to the big dance and he finds him self super lucky to get the thumbs up from Mia - a hot little Gothic chick who also happens to be the police chiefs daughter (duh!).  Enter Lola, obviously not the coolest chick.  Lola asks Brent to the dance, he declines - But he declines in a very nice way!  I liked how they didn't make him out to be an asshole cool boy.

Brent meets up with his girlfriend Holly, a sweet girl who obviously has put up with a lot of emotional bologna from Brent since his car accident.  Brent let's on to Holly about being asked to the dance by someone else but it's obvious that Holly's his chick and they decide to go together - even if Brent can't muster the words Holly wants to hear.

In between the set-up of our characters and when the action kicks in you will also get introduced to Brent's mom, and get a feel for why Brent is so emotionally unavailable.  Being emotionally unavailable also means you need to take a good old walk and clear your head - this is where someones crazy dad might come to find you since you turned down his precious daughter to the dance...PUNK!

So while Holly, Jaime, and Mia are all getting ready for the dance and making there way to each others houses poor Brent is about to find out about Lola, and the fact that she's sick of "not feeling pretty enough". There's a really cool song that plays throughout the movie that perfectly suits Lola.

From here the fun really kicks in, sure there's torture - I don't really have to get into that.  No matter how many times you see some things it'll make you squirm.  During this torture you also learn about the sordid past of Lola and her dad and the fact that they've actually been screening lots of chaps over the course of her life.  Daddies got to find his lady a prince.

While all this torture stuff is going on we of course have Holly and Mom making a mad dash to try and find out where Brent has gone - and they suspect the worst.  But I found a great way that the director cuts the torture was to add in some deliciously hilarious scenes of Jaime and Mia going to, and being at the dance.  I love this little addition, did it add to the movie - to me it did.  I like knowing just how great of a time some were having, while Brent's night was the worst thing imaginable - not to mention that little fact that Mia's dad is the Police Chief and at some point she lost a brother...coincidence?

Did I mention there are flesh eating brain dead zombie like people in the basement?

I have to say that this movie was quite fun.  I loved the story, the acting, the subplots.  Is it perfect?  Heck no, is it a little gem?  Yes, Yes it is.

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