Name - Jennifer
Age - 35
Married with 2 kids

Are you a professional reviewer - Dear Lord no, I barely write an actual review.  I prefer this site to be me just randomly talking about stuff I have no clue about (ie: movie making).  It's a place where this
unprofessional movie watcher can chat about movies.

I think you are wrong about a certain movie, I'd like to yell at you - Don't make me cry, I beg of you. Like I said I have no professional background in writing or movies, and let's face it we all have different taste.

Why do you like Snow Crab Legs so much - Because they are freaking awesome and you dip them in butter!

Do your kids like horror movies - God no, I wish.  I make it a point to scare them at least once a day though, I think of it as "prep".

Does your Hubby like horror - Sadly no.  I have gotten him to watch a few things that have made him wretch though.  I save him the good ones like Martyrs.  You're welcome Husband.

Your writing is terrible and you have no idea how to use commas - true

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