Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No One Lives (2012)


Director - Ryuhei Kitamura
Writers - David Cohen
Production Company - Milk & Media, Constance Media, Pathe

No One Lives is a pretty fun flick.  There’s no award winning performances or writing Oscars gracing this film, but I was definitely entertained.

We start off with a chase scene involving a blond girl named Emma, she’s running for her life and trying to leave clues for anybody who might be searching for her.  Let’s just say she doesn't escape what’s after her.

Next Driver and his girlfriend are driving along as they’re relocating, they decide to call it a day and pull off the road to find a hotel and a bite to eat.  During the first 10 minutes or so you’re also introduced to a motley sort of gang of heathens who will do anything they need to make a buck.  The two groups intersect at one point and you know that they’ll eventually end up at odds..

One of the more outspoken members of the gang decides he will take the groups fate in his hands by taking hostage Driver and his girlfriend, and then there’s the first twist.  I’m not the best at seeing twists myself so maybe you’ll see this coming but it’s a great twist and the movie’s almost fully set-up just about 20 minutes in.  Let’s just say a little blond girl makes and entrance, and probably not where you thought she would.
From here the action starts, our little crime gang have no idea what’s happening since they’re obviously used to calling the shots – they don’t see it coming when they’re all being chased down by a violent psychopath.

There’s just a medium amount of gore, and be warned if you’re looking for a really serious movie this one’s not for you.  There’s a lot of darker humor with the kills, and Driver is over the top with his character’s portrayal (but I think it suits the movie perfectly). Towards the middle of the film you will also learn of the very special relationship Emma and Driver have, and it will clear up some of the conversations that Driver and his girlfriend had in the beginning of the film.

Overall I want to rate this movie for what it is, it’s not a serious horror film to me.  This flick has over the top characters, and the writing for each of them makes me think this was the intent of the director etc.

So since it was fast paced, had some cools twists, and kept me pretty entertained I’d rate it a 6.  I was never scared, sickened, or shocked, but I never lost interest.

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  1. You nailed it. I think a lot of horror fans didn't like it because they thought it would be more serious, but I dug it.