Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To Let (2006)

Director - Jaume Balaguero
Writers - Jaume Balaguero, Alberto Marini
Production Company - Estudios Picasso, Filmax, Telecinco
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The Skinny - The story centers around the two main characters Mario and Clara.  After a hard days work, and being in a certain condition, Clara is not so excited to check out a new apartment that Mario wants them to go see.  After Clara is talked into the trip to view the apartment, the story immediately went down hill for me - yes that's only about 10 minutes in.

During their drive to the apartment the outside view from the car is like a post apocalyptic world, so might I ask why the heck wouldn't you not turn around already - but hey I'll let this slide just so we can get this movie started.

Once they arrive they are swept away by a very pushy "real estate" type person (Portera).  She's later in age, about 5'6, and might weigh about 145 lbs...and she will be able to control and keep in place not only Mario and Clara - but also all previous apartment clients and future clients.  She must be juiced.

One cool thing I'd like to sandwich in here, and I don't mind this story idea at all - It's the fact that Potera actually scouted these people out to live at her apartment building, she even goes as far as to bring some of their household possessions there before they arrive.  I actually dug on that story line.

I mentioned it before but the stature of this woman and pairing her against 4 adults during the course of this movie (I won't tell you who wins), did not work for me.  I love horror and I've come to expect little stretches as far as things like that go, but this was a tad to far for me. Although the sets of this film and general look of it were great, the crazy shaky camera work was WAY off.  We all know shaky is in, but this was not live action footage where the person holding the camera was running, this is the director shaking the camera for no good reason at all.  It seemed to be paired with something serious about to happen but it was way off, and didn't add anything for me.  There's also a few flashbacks that seem like a waste, and these flashback are mostly repeats of already viewed scenes - though one towards then end at least lets you know Portera had her eye on Clara and Mario (which I like as part of the story).

There are a few more twist in there such as a relative who make an appearance, and that too for me was a nice little twist in general - though the interactions he has between Clara and Mario are hysterical considering they try to help him twice even though he's obviously not on their side.

In the end I can't get over the super dumb moves by the characters and the ability of this older lady to completely control all these able bodied adults.  It offered a few cool story ideas and I appreciated those, and the overall look was great - but it doesn't make the grade for me.

Nice try!

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