Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Omnivores (2013)

Director - Oscar Rojo
Writers - Oscar Rojo
Production Company - Brutal Box

The movie opens with a pretty dark twisted scene, but the movie overall is pretty tame and a little bit boring.

It centers around a guy named Marcus Vela, a food critic.  Marcus accepts the job of an outside publisher to write an article on “clandestine” restaurants.  The publisher gets Marcus into his first secret dinner, by allowing him to use an invitation she had received for an event.

At first I thought it strange that any secret organization would allow a publisher or food critic to attend such a function, but these secret dinners start off quite mundane at first so I think it’s just the fact that I knew what was coming which made me think it weird to invite them…I mean who wants their escapades in the paper?

Marcus meets a very unique group of people at this first secret dinner and he manages to hook up with a true insider to this world.  The pair attend many of these secret dinners together.  At one of them he runs into another reporter he had a relationship with, and she puts the idea in his head that there’s secret dinner out there where human flesh is consumed. 

While all this dinner going is happening you also meet who I like to call the “butcher”.  The butcher’s in charge of procuring meat for the most upscale, costly, and clandestine restaurant of them all.  This character had lots of potential, he certainly looked menacing but the movie let me down.  He would just tap people on the head and knock them out for the taking, shoving them into the back of whatever vehicle he was in and looking around to make sure no one saw him. 

Moving on, Marcus talks his lady friend into spilling the beans over the human flesh meals and he scores himself an invite.  From the get-go he cues in his publisher on this, as she need to foot the very expensive bill for the meal…another plot hole if you ask me - wouldn’t the people in charge question the wiring of money?  Like “Hey Marcus, we noticed that this money you transferred over is coming from this publishing house that likes to writes books and stuff “.

Marcus makes his way to the party and is introduced to the host and many of the guests, they try to make him feel nice and cozy since it’s his first time.  Guests are presented with a lovely spread on a table of fine meats and the heads of the victims (because people like to see what they’re about to eat!).  The guest go ahead and start bidding at this point on the selections in front of them, I did not quite get this part??  I figured they already paid so you get what you get, but apparently not…so..

Again during all the down time with Marcus and the other Guests you get a little peak into the back room where all the prepping is going on, there’s really not much gore or torture – It’s quite boring actually.  To me this movie was going to promise some intense scenes with the victims but pretty much all you get are some people hanging from hooks and boobs.  So if you like boobs there are some nice fake ones here for you, might tide you over. 

I feel like the director should have spent more time in the house with Marcus, the Guests, and victims - it could have been made gnarly if some of the victims escaped and the guests where put in limbo and actually had to face the victims, alive – but that’s just my 2 cents. 

The ending wraps in with something you experience towards the beginning of the movie, a sort of twist – and don’t worry if you don’t catch what it is because they will spell it out for you since you we’re probably dosing off at that point..

In the end it’s missing that edge of your seat factor, which is crazy because it’s about these fancy folks who like to pay to eat human flesh – It has so much potential.  I love how in Hostel you have rich people paying to torture people, I feel like Hostel did it right though. Omnivores is just way to tame, the acting not really great, and the butcher couldn't scare a turkey on Thanksgiving.

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