Monday, November 25, 2013

Contracted (2013)

Director – Eric England
Writers – Eric England
Production Company – BoulderLight Pictures, Southern Fried Films
Stars – Najarra Townsend

I made a list of all the movies I wanted to see that are fairly new, one of them was Contracted, written and directed by Eric England.  I was super excited to watch it, but ready for it to suck because often excitement = let down.  I was very pleasantly surprised, I really liked this film.  I want go all love on it, but super liked.

Najarra Townsend is our lead named Samantha, she was just great.  Samantha isn't the most likable girl on the planet.  She has some issues such as being a bitch, but – it’s all acceptable if you ask me.  She has a mother who is overbearing, due to Samantha’s past drug use.  She has a relationship with her first ever girlfriend that’s definitely at its end, and she also has to deal with multiple advances from men she’s not interested in.  She’s just at a very awkward place in her life, she's going through stuff.

Light Spoilers

At a party thrown by her friend Alice, Samantha makes a reluctant appearance.  She spends most of the party being very gloomy wishing that her uncaring girlfriend would make an appearance but that never happens.  Alice being one of those peppy party pushers gets Samantha to drink a little to lighten the mood, Samantha wasn't game from the get-go – I attribute this to the fact that Samantha is obviously trying to overcome whatever substance abuse issues she had in her past.

Late into the night Samantha meets BJ, who you’ll have already met in the very first scene in the movie – though you hadn't seen his face.  BJ hands Samantha a drink that she left sitting on a table, except it’s not really Samantha’s drink – you can guess what happens to young ladies who accept drinks from strangers.  They end up hot and heavy in a car, Samantha is reluctant (rape), but the deed is done.

The next morning it all goes downhill for Samantha.  Now let me talk about one thing that will probably make people hate this movie.  Lots of horrific things start happening to Samantha’s body.  I know some people will for sure be flabbergasted that she doesn't make it to the hospital ER but I really didn't find this to be a flaw myself. 

Ask yourself how many times something crappy happened to you, and you just waited to see if it would get better, praying it would magically disappear?  Maybe if you just waited a few more days, it would clear up on its own.  Now add onto this that the reason you’re having issues is because you had unprotected sex during a black out drink fest??  Add on to this that you’re in love with a girl who doesn't love you, and you had unprotected sex that you don’t want her to find out about – since it also involves a man.

If you can’t wrap your head around that, you will also be mad at her friends and family for not marching her straight to a clinic.  I also offer you up an explanation for this.  Samantha is a former drug user, her family and friends have seen her in very shitty states, her look is shocking at various points – but drugs do crazy things to people’s appearances and in today’s world lots of “ugliness” gets overlooked.

So over the course of 3 days, it’s a very fast infection - Samantha battles intense bleeding, sporadic nail loss, and freakish eye issues.  The make-up is spot on, and delightful!  Samantha/Najarra and her petite frame were decorated perfectly, I appreciate that Samantha was not some over the top sexy girl too – nothing I hate more than sexy for the sake of sexy..especially if the movie has a more serious tone.


Moving through her body fast the infection starts attacking her brain, or Samantha’s just driven crazy from what’s happening to her.  The last few scenes involve a former “friendly” stalker who finally gets his dream hookup with Samantha, but given her precarious state I’m just going to have to say he must really dig Samantha, and he’ll pay for that.

The last shot in the movie is perfect to me, it’s big, it’s punchy, and suggests something bigger that could be happening and maybe Samantha’s just the first peg.

Really - Really liked it.  

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