Friday, January 24, 2014

Big Bad Wolves (2013)

Director – Aharon Keshales
Writers – Aharon Keshales
Production Company – Lasennac & Associes, Canal+, CNC
Stars – Lior Ashkenazi, Rotem Keinan, Tzahi Grad

A tablespoon of dark humor mixed with an ounce of unpleasant subject matter = Bid Bad Wolves.  Let me tell you two things, I enjoyed this movie and Tzahi Grad is a bad ass of the most awesome kind - I would watch this movie again just to watch the man play Gidi, the father of a murdered child whom many people in the movie are out to revenge.

The premise is quite simple, it’s the way this movie is written and made that makes it unique and special.  Kids are disappearing, molested and brutalized.  There’s a main suspect but he’s released back into the public after a rogue cop makes some wrong moves.  A man whose daughter was murdered and the rogue cop seek some quality time with the main suspect, beyond the reach of the law.

This man is a bad ass

Light Spoilers (BBW is available VOD right now!)

The movie starts off with a lovely scene of a girl dressed in little red riding hood garb, perfectly tying into the movie’s title – great music and gorgeous cinematography let you know you’re in for a nice little ride.  Can I just say that I just loved how they placed the title of the film on the tin roof of an abandoned home the children are playing in = that looked great…and sometimes it’s the little things that really stand out too me.

From the opening scene you’re quickly introduced to our main characters, Lior Ashkenazi (Miki the cop) and Rotem Keinan (Dror the main suspect).  I already told you that Gidi is a total bad ass but Miki & Dror are both very well acted too, top notch all around.  Side characters such as the real estate agent and Gidi’s dad, who we’re introduced to later, are simply stellar.  I can’t say enough about the acting in this movie.

Hilarious and a bad ass

So once Miki makes his blunder and the Dror is let free, he decides to take matters into his own hands.  Little does he know Gidi (dad of a girl who was murdered) has the same idea. The two meet in a most unique and hilarious fashion, everyone is watching everyone and a little dog pays the price!

Once the two have united you get to go on a very dark yet humorous ride with them as they decide to take on Dror.  Eventually our three main characters are all in a house together, things get crazy as Gidi tries to extract some information from Dror about his daughter.  A few times I was questioning if they had the right person, will he spill the beans, what’s going to go wrong here??? Plenty goes wrong – from the hilarious and awesome introduction of Gidi’s dad, to a very tragic outcome for Miki.

I really enjoyed this movie, through I’ll admit - perhaps so much detail goes into it that it might have felt a bit slow a few times.  Since I loved the characters so much, even watching them bake a cake was fun…and yes they really do bake cake.

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